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The Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 ‘Performance Pickup’

Slow down there cowboy. Or don’t. I would want to be me too”—is what the Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 would say to another auto-beast.

Brabus unveiled their latest custom project ahead of the 2020 Geneva motor show—where all the latest cars and concepts are shown to the world. The ‘Performance pickup’ dons a twin-turbo V8, beasting at 800 horsepower with 850Nm to 1000Nm of torque. Hold up. Not done. Larger turbochargers with high-flow side-exit exhausts, nine-speed transmission, and heavy-duty-road suspension.

It’s the type of car you would see Daniel Craig smash up on a snow mountain in the French Alps. Tell us we’re wrong? A few honourable mentions at first glance are, the ground clearance. The Adventure XLP G-Wagen provides 19.2 inches of it, as well as an extended wheelbase which holds an extra 20 inches.

The interior is as impressive as its exterior. A chestnut brown colour-way, finished with personalised stitching and an embroidered seat make the personalised touch consistent right throughout the vehicle.

It arrives with a Wingcopter drone in the back (just to make it more bond) and a landing pad specific to the drone’s design. Astoundingly it’s rumoured to go from 0-100km/h in 48 seconds. Impressive for its size, and no doubt you will find the Performance Pickup to be one thirsty beast, meaning, petrol will cost a chunk of your life savings. The consumption is approximatley 14.5l/100km, with a carbon dioxide emission rate of 345g/km.

Finally, down to the numbers you care about. The Mercedes-AMG G63 4×4 ‘Performance Pickup’ is priced at 575,630 pounds, which means for us Aussies, it will be around the $979,347 mark.

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