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Inside The Beach Pad Of 2020

Pro skateboarder Nyjah Huston’s Zen Laguna beach pad is everything.

He is the highest paid skateboarder in the world. Huston’s previous lifestyle fit the stigma of a teen skateboarder—sharing a place with a bunch of ‘dudes’ then moving to a five-bedroom beachside dream he told architectural digest.

At 25, he is sponsored by Nike…let that sink in. The San Juan bungalo in California offers a chic 5,300 square-feet with some serious beach views. Located next to the infamous Laguna Beach, the now beachside resident explained what his house meant for him,

“I feel like this house is kind of the next step of the more mature me,” Houston says of the dramatic beach pad.

The skateboarder applauded the property’s style, being modern on the ‘outside’ as he put it. Fit with a trophy room, Huston applaudes the trophy room as his most loved room in the house.

A spiralling skateboard feature winds down the staircase, in true skateboarder fashion. At age 25 Huston will be boarding in the next olympics—until then, his isolation pad is fit for a beach king.

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