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Conor McGregor On The Diet That Keeps Him On Top

They say you can’t outrun a bad diet and for McGregor, there’s no exception. Nutritionist George Lockhart utilises the theory—food is fuel and a balanced diet is critical to provide the body energy for high octane training and faster recovery.

McGregor spoke to AskMen.com and revealed the consistency of his diet, “My diet is usually pretty consistent whether I’m training for a specific fight or not. I don’t like to mess too much with it. I try to eat healthy all the time.”

There’s no weekend binge or cheat day for McGregor, “I don’t eat takeaways.” His intake of water and coconut water is always high stating, “I drink mostly water or coconut water. It’s important to stay hydrated—the first thing I do in the morning is stretch and drink water. I eat good meat—chicken, salmon, some steak—and a lot of quality greens and some fruits like bananas.”

Given McGregor has to gain and lose weight, depending on what weight class his fights are in, the fighter’s diet depends on whole foods rather than supplements. Many would label Mcgregor’s diet as ‘clean’.

“I eat eggs—an omelette with my Americano for a late breakfast or brunch. I don’t eat a lot of carbs—if I do, it’s something like sweet potatoes.”

Which leads to McGregor’s last element, protein. Essential to his balanced diet, protein allows for McGregor to recover well and have enough energy for training.

The only time McGregor consumes supplements is when he needs help building muscle, and for recovery, “Getting enough protein is important when I train, to help build muscle and recover, so I’ll supplement with protein shakes. The new SYNTHA-6 EDGE from BSN works for me because it gives me a load of protein, but without a bunch of carbs or fat. I joke about it, but it’s good for my raging sweet tooth.”

McGregor while known for his ballistic left hand, is also known for his impressive weight control. Having shared in much success in different weight classes, his ability to jump up and down in weight, signifies the strength in his diet.

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