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Top 3 Sneakers Women Want You To Wear

There’s a code, a reputation to uphold. But they have spoken.

If you find yourself reading this, with the Sneaker-Freaker mentality of knowing everything there is to know about sneakers, you will struggle to swallow this bitter pill. For those who do collect sneakers, wait in line overnight and cop to drop, women have expressed what wheels they want to see men sporting out and about.

They may not be Nike Tiens or Vapor Max all in black. That’s just how the cookie has crumbled. So what sneakers do women prefer?

From sneaker preferences, deal-breakers, another date clearance and personal favourites, here is what women want.

1. Keep it breezy with Yeezy

That’s right if you’re going to sport any futuristic design, it better be Kanye’s love child. Women believed the Yeezy Boost 350s were ‘sleek’ and had a good shape. (Basically, anything to mask a weirdly shaped foot). Be sure to keep a close eye on upcoming releases to help your sneaker game in the ladies department.

2. If it aint don’t Stan, don’t plan (another date)

It’s no secret the lady charmer has always been Adidas’ all-white sneaker. It can be paired with almost anything, and it screams subtle yet ‘I know I look good’. Women claim the iconic sneaker to be fun and recognisable. If you’re reaching for that second date, give these a whirl to help your chances.

3. Vans Old Skools (Black)

This may come as a surprise to some; however, the Vans ‘Old Skools’ is a desirable addition to any date with a female counterpart. According to women, the black pair is the pair to wear. An all-white canvas sneaker screamed unnecessary danger.

There you have it! Gents, if you don’t own a pair of these sneakers and you are single, swiping left and right, it’s time to up your sneaker game. Yes, even you, Mr I own every sneaker worth wearing.

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