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Conor McGregor Enquires About Chelsea Football Club Sale Worth Over Three Billion

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has put Chelsea Football Club up for sale as sanctions mount on Russian oligarchs.

Who better to mount a less-than hostile takeover than the Notorious Conor McGregor? The Russian-led conflict in Ukraine has reverberated across various industries and economies. The latest affected, the Chelsea Football Club owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Russian oligarchs are fronting a myriad of sanctions due to the consequences of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which has to an unsuspecting scenario linking Conor McGregor to the powerhouse football club, Chelsea.

A statement from the Chelsea Football Club outlined the sale is in the best interest of the club and its members, “Please know that this has been an incredibly difficult decision to make, and it pains me to part with the Club in this manner. However, I do believe this is in the best interest of the Club,” Roman Abramovich.

While Chelsea has experienced much success under various managers, Abramovich has been at the helm of the English club since 2003, when he bought out most of its then-shareholders for about $233 million. Since then Chelsea has won the Premier League title five times, the FA Cup five times and the Champions League twice.

Purchasing the powerhouse football club won’t come cheap. Chelsea’s estimated worth sits around three billion dollars, a little more than Proper Twelve money, we would assume. It is also reported Chelsea owes Abramovich over one billion dollars, of which Abramovich won’t expect to be paid back to him. The sale arrives at a time when the ‘Blues’ are through to the FA Cup quarter-final. The players took to the pitch against Luton Town with no knowledge of the sale announcement, having come back to claim the win 3-2. One may ask the obvious question, Can McGregor afford to purchase one of the strongest football clubs in the world?

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