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Watch: Unseen Footage Of Daft Punk’s Alive Tour Is Your Weekend Sorted

Two robots, one tour and plenty of feel-good moments.

It isn’t easy being a Daft Punk fan. Ask hundreds of loyal fans, they’ll tell you the same. Daft Punk, the two French deejays who set out to conquer the Parisian dance scene from their bedroom—have become the most well-known, respected French musicians in the world. Known for their silver and gold helmets, Daft Punk burst on the scene with their infamous Alive Tour from 2007-2009. Now there’s HD footage of their Alive concert unlike anything we’ve seen since the robots set out on their merry way across the world.

If you are inside, missing a solid sesh and are in need of some serious feel-good moments—this is the footage you never knew you needed. Daft Punk hits such as One More Time, and Around The World, take us back to a more simple time, a time where no one expected two french dudes dressed as robots to completely change their musical lives forever.

Watch below:

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